How Long Should A Pool Cue Be – Key Data You Need to Know


You may be surprised to find that there are many length options when you start your search for the perfect cue. Your height, playing style, and pool table size will all play into your choice of pool cue length. A longer cue will be needed if you are tall to reach the balls at the other side of the table. A shorter cue might be more convenient for you if you’re shorter. How long should a pool cue measure? Experts recommend that adults new to pool cues choose one between 55 inches (1.4m) and 58 inches (1.2m). This length will allow you comfortably to reach the center of your cue ball and provide enough power for your shots. Let’s take a closer view at cue length to help you make the right decision for your game.

How long should a pool cue be

A pool cue’s length is measured from its tip to the joint. This is the point at which the cue meets with the shaft. A full-size, regular pool cue measures 58 inches (1.47 m) in length. This is the ideal length for adult players. It is also the preferred length to play competitively. A pool cue held by a girl. The 58-inch cue (Amazon Link) is very popular, and you will find many styles and designs. If you’re starting, you may prefer a cue shorter than 58 inches. This cue length will give you plenty of power and control while allowing you to reach the cue ball comfortably.

A 58-inch cue may be too long for you if your frame is shorter than the average. Consider a shorter cue, between 55 and 56 inches (1.4 to 1.45 meters). For players who want a more flexible stick, shorter cues may be the best choice. Because they are lighter and more manageable, shorter cues may be a good option for players with joint pain or other mobility issues. Remember that competitive play may not allow for shorter cues. If you intend to play in tournaments or leagues, your cue must be at least 58 inches (1.47 m) long.

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Is a longer pool cue is better

A longer pool cue can give you more power and reach, but some may have better choices. A cue that is too long can be harmful to your game.

A 58-inch cue may be too small for you if you are larger than average or have a longer frame. A longer cue may be the best choice. It should measure 59-61 inches (1.55 – 1.55 meters). Longer cues are more powerful because they are heavier and have more mass. A guy is holding his pool cue. However, there are some disadvantages to using a longer Cue. They can be harder to control. You may also find your shots less accurate if you have a poor grip. Longer cues can also be cumbersome and difficult to move around the table. You may prefer a shorter cue if you’re new to the game or need more experience.

Does pool cue length matter

The length of your pool cue is very important as it can affect the stroke. It is important to know the length of your pool cue. Short or too long can affect your ability to control power and accuracy and your level of control on your shots. Leverage is also determined by the length of your pool cue. This refers to the mechanical advantage that you have over your cue ball. A longer cue provides more leverage.

This makes it easier to control the spin and the speed of the cue ball. A shorter stick will give less leverage and make it harder to control the cue ball. Professional players prefer a longer pool ci. Your posture and stance can be affected by the length of your stick. If your cue is shorter, you must take an awkward position to reach the ball. This can cause back pain and other problems. 


When choosing the length of your pool cue, you must consider more than just your height. These factors include the size of your table, the game you’ll be playing, and your personal preferences. It is important to consider the size of your table when deciding how long you will need. You should determine if your pool cue is straight and how to straighten it. A standard pool table measures 8 feet (2.44m) in length, while a regulation-sized table for billiards is 9 feet (2.74m).

You may choose a shorter cue if you play at a smaller table, such as a kid’s pool or bar table. You should use a longer cue for playing at a larger table, such as a tournament table. It is important to decide what type of game you will play. You will need a cue that measures at least 58 inches (1.47 m) if you play eight-ball or 9-ball. You may choose 60 inches (or longer) if you play snooker or straight pool. A cue for the pool is different from a snooker cue.


How long should a pool cue last? It all depends on your height and preference. A 58-inch pool cue is an ideal size for general purposes. However, depending on your needs, you might need a shorter or longer cue. It is best to experiment with different cues to determine your most comfortable length. You can have a cue made to your specifications.

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