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Before buying a ping pong table, it is essential to determine how long a ping pong table is. The dimensions of ping pong tables can vary. You may need more space on one side or the other depending on whether you are playing singles or doubles or if your skill level is high. We have done all the work for you with simple diagrams and explanations about the different tables and the space required to play a classic ping pong game. Let’s first answer the most common question about ping pong table sizes. This blog post will give you all the information on how long is a ping pong table. So keep reading.

What is the standard size of a ping pong table?

According to the ITTF (International Ping pong Federation), the official dimensions of a ping pong court are 274cm in length, 152.5cm in width, and 76cm high. This is approximately 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. Since 1988, these ping pong dimensions have been used for Olympic-standard ping pong tables. They can weigh from 50kg to well above 100kg (over 220lbs). Check out what is the standard size ping pong table price.

How Long Is a Ping Pong Table

Size of ping pong table

In inchesIn cmIn mmIn feet
Length:107.87 inchesLength: 274 cmLength: 2740 mmLength: 9.0 ft.
Width: 60.0 inchesWidth: 152.5 cmWidth: 1525 mmWidth: 5.0 ft.
Height:29.92 inchesHeight: 76 cmHeight: 760 mmHeight: 2.5 ft.
Net-Height: 6.0 inchesNet Height: 15.25 cmNet Height: 152.5 mmNet Height: 0.5 ft.

How long is a ping pong table: Different Sizes

While most full-size ping pong tables are the same size, some options are available if you don’t have enough space or room for a regulation table. There are generally four sizes of ping-pong tables to choose from.

Outdoor ping pong table

Ping pong table full-size full size 

Ping pong tables will be called various things. These dimensions are 274cm x 152.5cm x 76cm. These measurements are widespread. The difference between a good and a poor quality table is the thickness of its playing surface. Typically, this ranges from 16mm to 24mm. This gives you a better bounce and faster overall gameplay. If you want to practice ping pong by yourself you can fold this size table easily.

Ping pong table 3/4 size the 3/4-size 

The Ping-Pong table is next in popularity, also known as a junior pingpong table. These tables are approximately three-quarters the size of standard tables, but they have a bit more variation than full-size equivalents. The 3/4-size table’s most common dimensions are 206cm long, 115cm wide, and 76cm high. This option is the best for adult players, so the height won’t change.

Ping pong table for midsize players 

A smaller option than the 3/4-size is the “midsize” ping pong table, often found in the US. These tables are more common in the USA due to their naming convention. However, they can be found all over the west. A midsize ping pong table measures 180cm (71inches) in length, 91cm (36.5inches) in width, and 76cm (30inches) high. The height of a full-size ping pong table, or even a half-size table, is the same.

Tabletop or mini ping pong table 

You can find smaller ping pong tables than others. These tables may be folding or folded, sometimes called mini ping pong tables. There are many tables available online that come in a variety of sizes and qualities.

Ping Pong table regulation requirements

There are several requirements that an ITTF official ping pong table must meet, including the size, shape, color, markings, and material. These are:

  1. Dimensions: 274cm/108in in length, 152.5cm/60in in width and 76cm/30in in height
  2. Thickness: There are no limitations on the thickness of a table-tennis table, but it must meet the bounce criteria and have a uniform bounce of 26cm when dropped from a height of 30cm.
  3. Weight: Although they are typically 136kg (300lb), there is no weight restriction for regulation ping pong tables.
  4. Colour: There is no specific requirement for the colour of the playing surfaces other than that it must be one dark colour with a matte finish (no gloss).
  5. Markings A regulation ping pong table must have a 2cm line at the end, a 2cm line at the sides, and a 3mm line at the centre for doubles.
  6. Table material: Most ping pong tables used in regulation sporting events are MDF or HDF, though the ITTF does not specify any requirements.

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Small ping pong table dimensions

How much space do you need for a table tennis table?

Space is the most important and first thing you should consider. Is there enough space in your house for a ping pong court? Let’s see how much space we need. A full-size ping pong board measures 2.74 meters in length. A full-size ping pong table measures 1.525 meters in width. To play table tennis, you will need more space behind the table and to the sides. You will need to go approximately 4m behind each table or 2m at the side. There are 2m steps between each table. Although this space is a bit tight, you’ll still be able to play. Table dimensions As you can see, the ideal room size is 6.74m long by 3.525m wide.

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3/4 size table tennis table

What to do if you don’t have enough space

Press in 

If your space is smaller than the above measurements, you can play with less. You could play with only two to three steps from the table instead of four. However, it will be very tight. Play close to the table is the only way to win. You can’t move too far away from the table, and you could end up hitting your bat against the wall. You can still play, but it will be harder to do so.

Get a ping pong table in 3/4 size

You can buy a smaller table that is only 3/4 the size of a larger table. If you are only planning to have a little fun with your friends, this table is okay. The table will bring you a lot of pleasure. A 3/4-sized table is too small for serious training. It will be challenging to switch from playing at home at a smaller table to playing at a larger table at a club.

Tabletops available 

Sometimes a person has a large enough room, but a large dining room table takes up too much space. You might consider purchasing just the top of the table in this case. It can be placed on top of your dining room table for play and stored away when not used. There are two table tops: smaller to fit smaller dining room tables, and the other is larger. If you are just looking to have fun with your family and friends, a tabletop might be a better choice. You may not find it suitable for serious training as the table top’s height may be higher than a ping pong table.

Use a robot to push the table against the wall

My garage has enough space to hold a table, but it isn’t big enough for two people. I can’t have a two-player game. To train, I use my robot RoboPong2050 instead. The robot does not need space behind the table to push it against the garage doors. This gives me more room to play (hooray!). This is. It’s okay for me since my children are too young, and Jodi is not interested in ping pong. If we have a party, it’s great fun. Everybody loves to play against the robot.

Get outside 

Outdoor ping pong tables are the only option if you don’t have enough space. If there is too much wind, it can make it challenging to play, but playing outdoors on a sunny day can be great fun.

How to buy a ping pong table

You don’t need much space to play, so you can focus on the table quality. There are many tables tennis tables on the market, some very affordable and some very expensive. How can you tell if a table is worth its price? The thickness of the top of a wooden table is a good indicator of its quality. The thickness of the wooden top can vary from 12mm (poor quality) to 25mm for excellent quality. The higher the grade of the wood top, the better.

A table with a 12mm top would be a bad idea. Although the price may be lower, the quality will not be. The ball bounces poorly on thin tabletops, and the table construction always feels a little flimsy. A minimum requirement is a table that has a 16mm top for ping pong. My garage table is 19mm in diameter and is perfect for training with a robot. You can get a thicker tabletop (22mm-25mm) if you have the money. These tables are trendy and are often used in tournaments and competitive leagues.

Full-size table Tennis Table

Things to be considered while buying a table tennis table

You should also consider other factors. These are not as important as table quality and space, but they are worth considering before buying a ping pong table.

Garage play 

Online articles have suggested that indoor ping pong tables should not be purchased if they will be kept in a garage. The cold can cause damage and warp the table. These articles recommend that you get an outdoor ping pong set. This advice is not something I would pay much attention to. My indoor table is kept in my garage for many years and has been perfectly fine. The table has not suffered any damage. It is not as though the garage I have is super-duper-stated-of-the art. It is in terrible shape and slowly rotting away. This will be addressed soon. It’s okay to have an indoor ping pong table as long as there is no water leakage from your garage.


Wooden or laminate flooring is a good choice for your ping pong area. This flooring is easy to use and durable. You can play on the carpet. It’s okay. Be careful! If you play too often, your carpet can get very worn. This is especially true if it’s a thick carpet. Although a thinner mat is better, it will eventually wear down. You could place a rug to protect the carpet, but this can lead to the rug slipping under your feet and crashing! Although tile flooring can be okay, it can become slippery if there is too much moisture in the space. Concrete floors are also acceptable, but they can be hard on the body. Concrete foundations are not recommended for people with weak hips, knees, or ankles.

Ceiling height

Ceiling height is not something I would worry about. There is nothing you can do to change this unless your home is completely rebuilt. It’s okay to play ping pong as long as you can stand upright in your room. A high ceiling is not necessary as you won’t be competing in international tournaments at your home. You can’t lob the ball high if you have a low ceiling. All else will be fine.


Ping pong enthusiasts and new players will need 18ft by 11. ft to play singles or 19ft x 11ft to play doubles. If you want to play without obstructions, we recommend a 22ft by11ft area. You don’t have to limit your enjoyment of ping pong if this is not possible. There are many options available that are smaller than full-size tables, such as 3/4 size tables and tabletop Ping pong tables. You need to find the one that is right for you.

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