How Long Does It Take to Install Kitchen Cabinets – Learn Reasons Now!


It usually takes a week or two to get everything removed to make a complete kitchen remodel. This makes it much less pervasive. It takes longer to install appliances and other hardware. What about kitchen cabinets? What’s the duration to set them up? It can take from 1 to 2 days to set up kitchen cabinets as long as you know the procedure. The amount of time required is contingent on the size of the cabinet and the type of product. You might need to put in new hardware in the purchased cabinets. In this post, we’ll talk about how long does it take to install kitchen cabinets and some of the things to consider before you begin your project. Let’s get started!

How long does it take to install kitchen cabinets

It is essential to be aware that the time to install kitchen cabinets can affect by a range of factors.

  • Size: The larger the kitchen, the more time it takes to design.
  • Scope:The number of appliances inside your kitchen that require updating could also determine the time it takes to make your kitchen more modern.
  • Specialty products: When a client wants a specific item, it’s always exciting because it can bring something unique to a space. It’s important to remember that these items may require more time to get. Custom-made doors, distinctive countertops, and unique tiles are only some examples of these products.
  • Requests for modifications: Changes to your kitchen remodeling layout are almost always a cause for delay. Why? Since revisions often require revising the design in the final stage of erasing work that was previously completed and ordering new materials.

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Planning & designing for kitchen cabinets

Although the design and plan stage isn’t included in our six to eight-week estimate, it’s an integral part of the procedure. It’s essential to know what a remodeler will be doing before starting any project. This is to select the countertops and cabinets you want to use. It is now the right moment for both of you to talk about your requirements and the options available, and the features that can help to make your space as functional and attractive as it can be.

Selecting kitchen cabinet materials

As we said earlier, the type of material and the products you select would significantly influence the timeframe for the kitchen remodeling. Unique cabinetry and unique items may take a while to find. It’s an excellent idea to choose the slab you’re looking for if opting for natural stone countertops. This involves one (you or your designer and both) personally going to the dealer and looking over various stone slabs. Click here and learn how to find out matching kitchen cabinets.

What’s the significance of this? Because there’s a range of colors and patterns to pick from. Some are subtle, whereas others are more striking. It is essential to make sure that the changes you make are ones you’ll be able to enjoy for the years to come. It typically takes two days to get rid of your cabinets and countertops. But, depending on the size of the job, it could take longer or shorter. This could prolong your removal time if the flooring needs to be removed or particular parts require protection.

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Marking electrical outlets

A majority of construction personnel label every electrical outlet before beginning work. This is not just for lighting fixtures and appliances but also wall outlets.

Build and install

The build and installation phase is the time to begin the process of building and installing after the electrical work is identified. This is typically when crews can update or add electrical wiring that must upgrade or add during this time. Additionally, we perform any repairs that need for the plumbing.


It is time to begin the kitchen by ensuring that all the plumbing and electrical systems are inspected. This includes flooring installation. You’ll need to make sure all the previous installations and the entire surface of the project prepare and primed. This includes any wall painting or hardware modifications before the cabinet installation is complete.

Cabinet installation

At this point, the kitchen starts to look like an actual kitchen. The kitchen starts to take shape when the construction crew builds the cabinets. Of course, when you’re yourself, it’s a DIY-friendly project.

Touch-up and cleaning

We place a premium on cleanliness. Our team cleans up the work site after each job and completes any needed touch-up work. It could take a few hours, depending on the amount of work you need to perform and the extent of the surface is that you have to cover.

What will extend the fitting time

Specific changes will undoubtedly make it more time to make the necessary changes to your kitchen. You should be aware at the beginning in case time is an issue.

Moving appliances

If all the electrical outlets are at the exact location, there isn’t much more than the simple inspection and rewiring of the outlets you have. However, if you want to relocate your appliances, an electrician must alter the entire electrical system, costing more time and effort.

Solid worktops

As previously mentioned, if you opt for solid worktops, they will need to be cut to cut on-site This means you’ll be waiting long until the worktops are installed to be prepared.

The worktops are heavy

Suppose you choose to use granite, a heavy material like it is also necessary to ensure that the unit can support its weight for a long time. You’ll probably require a professional installer to evaluate what’s needed and install the additional support.

Unusual fittings

Straight worktops are simple to set up, but you might encounter other issues when the worktop needs to pass through the hob and sink or is unique, like corners or curves. This is not always a possibility. However, you’ll have to account for it in the time frame for fitting.

How long does it take to install kitchen cabinets: Tips

Several factors will determine the amount of time required to install kitchen cabinets. One of them is the physical space the cabinets fill up. A more oversized kitchen with many cabinets is likely to take longer to finish than a smaller and more compact kitchen with fewer cabinets.

Another aspect, however, is your ability to stick to a schedule. Making any modifications, particularly at the last minute, could affect your kitchen’s construction timetable. This is particularly true for cabinets. Once you’ve decided on the material and size, the changes will majorly change. One method to ensure things run smoothly is to use standard-sized cabinets rather than custom-designed dimensions. Customizing work is always more time-consuming because of the custom design of the dimensions. If you select standard sizes, they can faster be manufactured.

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