How High to Install a Pot Filler Faucet – A Complete Info Guide from Expert


Pots are difficult. After filling them with water, it can be a challenge to transfer them from one place to another. Maybe you’re thinking about how high to install a pot filler faucet. However, it raises the question of how far the pot filler should be about the ground? If you’d like to be aware, let’s figure it out. Pot fillers are usually mounted on the wall above the stovetop. To avoid issues, it is recommended to put the pot filler 12-24 inches over the stove’s burner. However, you may prefer using your most giant pot to gauge the height you’ll require. It must be large enough to prevent getting hot on the burner or in the pot.

The length that the filler pot is just one factor among many which you be required to consider. It is also essential to mark the location to install a pot filler faucet. It is dependent on the plumbing you have and whether it can provide an efficient route to your preferred place. If you’d like to learn more about how high to install a pot filler faucet, then keep reading.

Types of pot fillers 

How High To Install A Pot Filler Faucet

Fixed pot filler 

The name implies that the fixed pot filler is placed in a place that functions similar to faucets.

Swing out pot filler 

If you are looking for versatility and desire, the swing-out filler is a good choice. You can move it to different burners based on the requirements of your kitchen. In case you require to fill pots in different places, this pot filler can do the job. It can reach as high as 15 inches.

Cooker island 

If you believed that pot fillers were only available on a kitchen island, pot fillers could be of interest to you. But the process of getting a pot filler to work with the kitchen island will require more effort. Since it’s not located on the wall, you’ll need to connect the pipes to the flooring. This isn’t the best option for flooring that is expensive.

Double-Jointed pot filler 

Double-jointed pot fillers provide the most significant reach of all pot fillers. In general, they extend between 18 and 24 inches. If you are looking for flexibility, it is worth looking for double-jointed pot fillers.


If you’re looking to add some more convenience, Some pot fillers have a sprayer attached. However, it comes with a few issues since specific sprayer attachments are long. In addition, it can get stuck on pots if not vigilant enough.

How high to install a pot filler faucet

Although it may be thrilling to find a helpful device for cooking, it comes with an expense. Pot fillers usually sit on top of a stove. There are many different spots for pot fillers. They are the same, as it is contingent on the size and the style of pot filler you select. Furthermore, there aren’t any water lines in the area where you’ll install the pot filler. Plumbers will make use of the closest source. It could be the dishwasher, sink, or fridge. Most of the time, it will be necessary to tear them down. If you’re looking to renovate your walls, this is the perfect time to put in an aerator.

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How High To Install A Pot Filler Faucet

Height restrictions 

The perfect size of a pot filler relies on many factors. In the first place, it should be tall enough to allow it to clear its most giant pot by a couple of inches. Otherwise, it will not be able to use. Of course, it is possible to make it higher than that. However, it will restrict by the style of the faucet and the layout of the kitchen cabinets. The faucet must have enough clearance to move against the wall even when not when used. Additionally, the faucet should be low enough to allow anyone that uses it to have the faucet.

Installing the water pipe 

The height is set by the tap after you have installed the open pipe, so prior to connecting the threaded elbow to which you will screw the tap, it’s an appropriate idea to test the tap:

  1. You must place the pot a bit higher up on the stove.
  2. Place the faucet against the wall while the assistant swivels the pot around. Once you have located the most suitable place, you can mark it on the wall.
  3. You can use the mark as a reference point for the arrangement of the elbow.

Installing a pot filler faucet 

If you’re one of the people who cook frequently, what to do is eliminate all the lifting involved with carrying heavy pots filled with hot water by fitting a tap for filling your pot. It can be hung on the wall over the stove or another location where water is needed and folds away when it is not in use. A lot of developers create these kinds of faucets. They vary a bit which is why it is crucial to know the rules your particular faucet has. Then, they can guide you to decide on is the most efficient method to pour out the pipes.

How to install a pot filler faucet


Your first step should be to create a plan. There are various instructional videos on the internet, and they can show the steps, but you’re by yourself. You must create an outline for yourself. Make a note of your plan when you’re required.


Find your water supply line to the point you’d like to install the faucet. Go down and locate the source of water. This is a plumbing procedure. If you’re worried about tackling this, seek the assistance of a plumbing expert. If you decide to tackle it yourself, you’ll need pipes or a hose. The water line should be brought up toward the wall. Make a hole in the wall where the pot filler will be able to emerge. You’ll have the option of placing it on top in the oven or to the side. It’s your choice.


Connect a threaded pipe to the pipe or water line. The maximum diameter of the pipe can be 2 and a half inches. When attaching, make sure to use sealant paste to ensure there’s no leakage.


Set up the mounting plate. The mounting plate should be removed, and note where you must place the screws. Make holes by the size of screws. After that, you can place the mounting plate and the mounting gasket and secure the screws.


Set up your pot filler. Join it to the threaded pipe you set up. To ensure that your thread is leak-proof and durable, apply a sealant paste. Do not over-tighten the filler in the pot. This could harm the thread. Be aware and ensure that you know that you know where you’ll find the end ends. Don’t put extra pressure. It will damage the thread and lead to drips and leaks.


Create your own drywall. Then make it look nice after you’re done with all of it. Enjoy your pot filler.

How much does a pot filler faucet cost to install

Of course, the installation of an appliance to fill a pot is not easy. The ideal time to put in a pot filler is the time you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling. In this way, you’ll be able to take down the wall whenever you’d like. It makes plumber’s work much more manageable. You’ll need to be aware of the plumbing code. If you can’t handle this yourself, it’s better to seek out the assistance of a plumber. In this case, the price could be pretty significant on your budget.

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Cost To Install A Pot Filler Faucet

Labor cost 

According to some, the price of labour can be as high as $550. Since the plumber will likely require tearing off the walls, you’ll likely have to pay more to refinish the wall. As we’ve said, it is best to take this step when you’re considering kitchen remodels.

Pot filler cost 

It is also essential to choose an item to fill your pot. Pot fillers are an item of luxury. They range between $100 at the lowest to more than $300 for a good one. But, then, it could result in a cost of less than $1,000 to install without refinishing expenses.


If you can understand the specifications, the pot filler requires and observe the first steps towards enjoying this excellent device! Although it could appear to be a lot of work to set up, it’s an enticement. But, the inconvenience of carrying an enormous pot of water from the stove will not be there any longer! We hope that you have found this helpful information.

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