Fun Outdoor Games to Play with Your Kids: An Informative Guide


One of the best parts of being a kid is spending endless hours outdoors, playing games, getting dirty, and building memories. From reimagining your backyard into a deserted island or turning your pool into the lost city of Atlantis, playing outside is extremely fun and good for your overall health. 
Getting stuck in technology is far too easy for you and your children. So pack away the tablets and iPhones, get out your sunscreen and boys sandals and get outside for some quality bonding time with these fun outdoor games.

Ideal fun outdoor games to play with your kids

Hide & seek

Hide & seek has to be one of the most well-known children’s games to exist. It can be played with any number of people above two and indoors & outdoors. The main difference between playing it outside and inside is that you must set parameter rules for the area you will play. 

Select someone to be “it” and get them to close their eyes and count, typically to 10, out loud while everyone else runs to hide. Some variations of this game include creating a safe space you can run to if you don’t want to hide anymore. But the old fashion version of waiting to be found is best. 

Four square

As the name suggests, you need at least four people to play this game, but you can include more if you are playing on rotation. You need any flat piece of ground that will allow a basketball or playground ball to bounce sufficiently—Mark out a square and further divide that square into four smaller squares. 

One person stands in each block, with one being the highest rank square and four being the lowest. The person in block one starts with the aim of the game being to bounce the ball once in someone else’s square before they catch it. If they miss the ball or you bounce it out of the lines, the person responsible loses a rank and moves down a square, switching with the person below them. If you lose a level in square four, you are out of the game, and a new person gets your block. 

Backyard bowling

A fun twist on the traditional game we all know, backyard bowling can be played identically to the real thing. The changes come with the location you choose to play in and the objects you use for a ball and pins.  You need a sidewalk, flat driveway, or safe piece of road to turn into your lane. Use empty soda cans or cans from food to stack into any formation for pins. They can easily be stacked on top of each other for towers to topple over. Any small ball with a decent weight will work. To increase difficulty, add more pins or lengthen the space between you and the cans. Enjoy!

Fun Outdoor Games to Play

Red light, Green light

This game works better with slightly older kids to get the most out of it. It also acts as a great way to boost listening and observation skills. Played best with three or more people, nominate one person to be “it.”

This person stands roughly 20 feet from the group while everyone else stands in a horizontal line facing them. When “it” turns its back on the group, it’s a green light, and everyone starts moving forward. When “it” turns around to face them, the light goes red, and the line needs to stand completely still. Anyone who is seen moving gets eliminated by “it.” The game’s aim is to get across and touch “it” on the back.


Tag is a childhood game that has been played for decades. It is simple and the perfect option if you want to tire out anyone. You only have one to learn if you are unaware of the rules. The game structure is a single person gets selected as “it.”

That person chases everyone else and tries to tag them. The new person then becomes “it,” and the game continues. The main rule is no tag-backs, which prevents people from immediately touching the person back once they have been tagged. The game ends when everyone is tired of running.


This outdoor game is enjoyable to play. You can gather in a group and either give everyone a number or simply use their names. Then, one person takes a ball and throws it as high into the air as possible. As they do this, the rest of the groups run away from them.

When the ball reaches its peak in the air, the person who threw it shouts a name or number. The selected person now needs to catch the ball before it bounces. Once they catch the ball, they call spud, and everyone needs to freeze. Next, the person with the ball must try to hit someone with the ball, who will get an S. (S-P-U-D). That person will then become “it.” If you miss, you remain “it” for the next round.

Fun Outdoor Games to Play with children

Balancing challenges

If your children are a little younger or if you are looking for something a little less physically demanding, outdoor balancing challenges are an excellent choice for you. This is best to play when the ground or objects are completely dry and you are wearing shoes with rubber soles.

You can walk over anything from the edges of steps to small walls and logs lying on the floor. With smaller children, you can stroll beside them to catch them if needed. This activity dramatically improves balance and offers a strong feeling of accomplishment when you make it across.

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