Features and Advantages of Spinning Rod and Casting Rod 


Are you planning to go fishing thing weekend? Sounds fun! Fishing is an exhilarating outdoor activity. And, you feel ecstatic when you get to catch fish. Hold on to that thought. Since you will be catching fish with a rod, you must have the right rod. Here, I will discuss the two most popular fishing rods among anglers. People new to fishing can struggle with choosing a fishing pole/rod. Here, I will break down the aspect of two fishing rods. Also, there will be a section for the ever-ending debate on spinning rod vs casting rod. That way, you will know which one you should select.

Spinning rod and Casting rod

They have many similarities. But, their uses are different. That’s why there are some dissimilarities. On that note, they are made in the same way. Yet, there is little difference in the assembly and formation. You will find those in their definition.

Spinning rods

In a spinning rod, you get a spinning reel. When an angler takes it in hand, the spinning revolution will stay underneath the hand of the angler. In addition, spinning rods are known as Fly fishing rods as well. Spinning rods can be 4.5 feet to 9.5 feet long. The most common length used is – 6 feet to 7.5 feet.

Casting rods

In a casting rod, the reel stays on top of the handle. Generally, this fishing rod can be 5.5 feet to 9 feet long. The most common type is 6.5 feet to 8 feet casting rod. People also know casting rods are baitcasting rods.

Features of spinning rods and casting rods

Let’s look at the factors that make spinning rods and casting rods.

What are they made of

These fishing rods consist of- handles, hook keepers, blanks (the rods), several guides to channel line, and the tip-tops.

What are the parts made of

The handle can be made of wood, plastic, cork, foam, rubber, and other synthetic material. You may or may not find some metal rings on both sides of the handle. The hook keeper is a metal post with a round opening at the top. You can securely keep the hook in that post or the hooker keeper there. Next comes the blank. It’s the pole that carries the fishing line. A blank can be made for various materials. But people mostly opt for the blanks that are made from flexible yet firm carbon fiber. However, they can be made of graphite fiber.

Next, we have line guides. In other words, the principles are loops that take in the line. The guides are made of stainless metal. Lastly, there is the tip-top that is also made from stainless metal.

How do the rods work

The line goes through all the available guides from the reel and stops at the tip-top. You will notice one thing- the line guides go towards the tip-top. Up to the tip-top, there are various sizes of line guides. They decrease in size gradually. There is a reason for the line guides diminishing toward the tip-top. When the line comes out of the reel, it travels through the guides, and tip-top is its endpoint. To have a straight and smooth line for casting, the diminishing sizes of the guides are necessary. If the principles are one big size, you won’t have a straight. 

Advantages of using a spinning rod

Now, you will find out the benefit of spinning rods.

Best for the windy weather

If the weather is windy, a spinning rod will be the savior. It prevents unwanted backlash. 

Casting light lures, live bait, and terminal tackle

A spinning rod will serve you the best for casting light lures and terminal tackle. That’s because the line comes from the spool through the guides. And, it has been developed especially for a spinning rod.

Easy to handle while fighting a fish

With a spinning rod, you can easily reach the drag and adjust it accordingly to take a fish out of the water.

Forbearing while skipping baits and lures

You can go fishing on the water that has low-hanging trees around it. Their baits and lures are likely to skip. It applies to mangroves and docks too. A spinning rod will result in less bait and lure ignoring. 

Advantage of using a casting rod

Let’s see what is casting a rod good for.

Popular fishing techniques

With a casting rod, you can execute many popular fishing techniques.

Best for bass fishing

North American people know bass as gamefish. Anglers go bass fishing during spring and fall. If you go bass fishing, you must carry a casting rod.

For heavier baits

The bait can be larger and heavier. That time, you can use a casting rod. Since the rod’s backbone is stiffer, it will provide better accuracy with heavier baits. 

Spinning rod vs. Casting rod: The fishing rod you should go for

Although there is an ongoing debate about the best fishing rod, it’s not about finding the BEST rod. In practice, it’s about the purpose. You suppose to choose a fishing pole depending on what fishes you will catch and the techniques you will be employing to catch those fishes. You should know better which one should select for the upcoming angling plan.

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