Edmonds Pier Fishing – Information You Must Need to Know


Suppose you’re not keen on taking a boat ride and want the best fishing experience. In that case, getting on a pier is the most effective option. Nothing is as good as the Edmonds fishing pier, especially near Washington. In reality, Edmond Pier is among the most picturesque and popular fisheries in Edmond, and its reputation is increasing each day. But, if you choose to catch a large fish in Puget Sound standing on the Edmond Pier, you cannot simply cast the bait and see each one in turn. You must be aware of the fishing guidelines for this pier and the procedures you must adhere to set by the county you reside in. Let’s dive into the Edmond pie fishing discussion and a guideline.

Where is Edmonds pier fishing spot located?  

The well-known Edmond Pier for the fishing spot is situated in a picturesque area of the town of Edmond. The dock is close to Olympic Beach, right beside the Visitors Station. The pier can be found just at the entry point to the Edmonds Marina for further details. It is the biggest and, without doubt, the most well-known marina in the vicinity of Sound Puget. The pier has the “L” shape and has 944 feet in length. It’s perfectly aligned along the coastline.

If you decide to fish from the pier, you will be able to admire the lush greenery on one side and the clear blue waters while fishing. It is accessible all year long and opens all hours of the day. The parallel location of the Edmond Pier on the coastal line gives plenty of space for anglers to reel their bait and cast. Edmond is just 30 minutes drive away from Seattle. Additionally, it is easy to reach it by car from Washington city.

The history of Edmonds fishing pier

The county committee first established the Edmond Pier to be a fishing location in 1975. Through the years, it has grown to become the most sought-after and sought-after fishing spot and a tourist destination located in Sound Puget and Seattle. Last year, close to 100000 people went to the fishing location.

It is also an increasingly popular destination for those looking to experience the natural splendor of Washington City. In addition to fishermen, marine enthusiasts and birdwatchers also enjoy the area. In addition, fishermen, locals, and international tourists enjoy sitting on the pier and watching ferries travel. At the same time, the coast area provides a backdrop.

Different types of fish you’ll find at Edmonds pier

The fishing hotspot is known for its popularity with Salmon anglers. A most intriguing but largely unnoticed aspect of the pier is that it can catch salmon all year long. It’s amazing!

However, you are limited by the county authority’s rules to only take 2 bags of fish but not more than that amount. The leader in the county strictly follows the rules. There will be at least four salmon species famous for fishing from the pier.

  • Chinook,
  • Coho,
  • Pink and
  • Chum

Additionally, the possibility of catching a salmon that weighs more than 10 pounds is highly likely to happen in this area. Many anglers have claimed to have received Chinook salmon that weighed well more than 15 pounds.

Standard rules for salmon fishing

  • The Chinook’s minimum size for Chinook has to be 22″.
  • The daily limit at the pier to fish for salmon is two, and one must be retained.
  • There’s no minimum size requirement for the other species of salmon.
  • The release chum season runs from August 1 through September 30.

While anglers from all over the globe flock to Edmond fishing pier to catch the salmon, this hotspot isn’t going to be a disappointment to those who want to catch a variety of species. The most common fish species that can be seen quickly at the pier include the following:

  • Rockfish
  • Flounder
  • Ratfish
  • Ling Cod
  • Dogfish and
  • Cabezon

The angler’s favorite fish, second only to salmon, is the Ling Cod. It comes with sharp teeth and is known for cutting through fishing lines. It is possible to find Ling Cod mainly at the bottom. In the Sound Puget, you get lots of crabs and Ling Cod. If you plan to catch these fish, be sure to follow the rules.

  • A rod must be between 7 and 8 feet long, with a medium action facility.
  • The reel must be enormous.
  • The fishing line should allow a minimum of 15 pounds of abrasion resistance.
  • The leader must be constructed using steel wire for the best hardness.
  • When removing the hook from your Ling Codfish, be aware of its sharp teeth.

Fishing tips for the Edmond pier

Anglers and visitors generally are fond of Crabbing as their most-loved activity on the pier. It is an unforgettable experience for you to remember. The steps to follow are

  • At first, gather two baits or the crab pot.
  • You can pick from chickens, sardines or raw tuna as your primary ingredient.
  • Because you’ll need to lower the pool to the bottom, be sure the leader line is an approximate 50′-150′ ratio.
  • The bank must be left in the bank for about an hour, and then you’re ready for the ultimate meal.

Three crabs are all delicious and succulent meat. It isn’t just the flavor of the crab’s heart that entices fishermen and tourists. The excitement of pulling one of these carbs from the pot you have adjusted is similar to discovering a gold mine. If you’ve got your two Chinook salmon tucked away and desired to spend some time on the pier, the thrill of crabbing could be a sure thing. Your crab’s heartbeats slowly if you are waiting with excitement and anticipation. Even if you find that the dish is empty, the disappointment is well worth the thrill.

The license

Fishing at Edmond Pier will require your fishing license. Make sure that you’ve got your Shellfishing license or Washington Fishing License ready at your fingertips. It is also essential to promptly return the record of your catch to the WDFW. It is required to provide the fishing report even if you leave empty-handed.


Edmonds pier fishing will be their favorite spot for people passionate about fishing. If you are planning a trip to Washington City, make sure that you have the appropriate fishing license and have the line set with the ideal bait to catch salmon or the Ling Cod.

Additionally, you will enjoy the crabbing experience for a memorable day at the pier. We would like to thank you for recommending an excellent fishing spot to you.

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