Does It Matter What My Diffuser is Made of: A Detailed Guide


Shopping for aroma diffusers is often more difficult than you first thought. For example, many people read about the benefits of essential oils and how they can help with things like stress, low mood and insomnia. Indeed, they know it will take some time to find the right fats. But, they did not realize there were so many different diffusers. In particular, there are aroma diffusers made from different materials. Is this something that matters? Let’s take a closer look at does it matter what my diffuser is made of and find out.

Should I only buy certain diffusers?

Like any product, you want a good idea of what they are made of. After all, you do not want to select a product that will be bad for you and your family’s health. So, the same principle applies to buying a diffuser. You want to choose one that is made from quality products. In addition, this will ensure that you get your money’s worth and can use the diffuser for quite some time.

BPA-free plastic is something you want to make sure you look for in a diffuser. This is essential when it comes to your health. After all, the health benefits are probably one of the main reasons why you use the diffuser in the first place. It is going to be clearly labeled that a product is BPA-free. This means that it does not contain a harmful chemical and will not be released into the air when you use the diffuser.

Are wooden diffusers good?

Plastic is a very common material used for diffusers. But, you are also going to see the option of wooden diffusers. For instance, this is something that Smellacloud has on their website. They are a popular and reputable company, offering natural essential oils and the best aromatherapy products. This tells you that wooden diffusers are a good choice.

One of the main reasons why people are drawn to wooden models is because they look good. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and match the décor you already have in your home. But another reason why you might want to consider a wooden diffuser is because of the sturdiness they provide. Typically, wood is heavier than plastic. This means that it will be reliable on surfaces, especially when you have children and pets. Moreover, wood tends to be more durable than other materials, so you might get more use out of your diffuser if you plant to use it regularly.

Should essential oils be natural?

Yes, your diffuser must be made from quality materials. But, there is something else you have to consider too. You must ensure that the essential oils you use will also be beneficial. In other words, you need to choose ones that are 100 percent natural and do not contain any nasty ingredients. After all, you want the health benefits and not to take any risks.

The studies that have been done are all on natural essential oils. For example, lavender is linked to better sleep, while peppermint might give you an energy boost. The best thing you can do is shop for products that state they are 100 percent natural. In particular, you can feel better about your choices when they are also cruelty-free, fair trade and organic.

If you are wondering what the best essential oils are to try, you have to think about your goals. What would you like to achieve by diffusing essential oils? For some people, this is all about lowering stress and anxiety. For others, they wish to enjoy a mood and energy boost during the day. Once you know your goal, you can think about the best way to achieve this.

Should you use distilled water?

It is best to use distilled water in diffusers. This means that the minerals and impurities have been removed from the water and are in their purest form. This is something that is going to prolong the length of your diffuser. It can also make your life a lot easier when cleaning your device. So, stay away from tap water when you want to enjoy aromatherapy. This will take care of your device and ensure you enjoy the best results.

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