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You have a tattoo you got a long time back and want to make it shine again. This is the place to learn how. We’ll discuss something people often forget about tattoos: they eventually fade and lose their original bold pigment. There are many reasons tattoos can fade, including sun exposure, clothing rubbing against the tattoo, time, and skin aging. People look for ways to fix their tattoos that are becoming lighter. There are many options that people use happily. We’ll discuss all options and help you to revive can you make a tattoo look darker? Let’s get started!

Why do tattoos fade?

As we mentioned in the introduction, tattoos will fade. Even if your tattoo is taken care of, you cannot delay the fading or prevent it from happening. Why does this happen? These are the main reasons why tattoos fade.

  • Tattoo placement – If your tattoo is on your hands/fingers or shoulder blades, face, inner thigh, or feet, it will likely start to fade much faster than other tattoo body locations. Avoid friction with tattoos by choosing low-friction locations where they will not be exposed to water, sweat, or clothes rubbing.
  • Sun/sunbathing Sun is not suitable for tattoos. Overexposure to sunlight in summer can cause tattoos to fade quickly. While sunscreen is essential for tattoo protection, it’s best to cover the tattoo area.
  • Immune system Your body’s immune system will fight to remove the ink from your skin, starting as soon as the tattoo artist begins tattooing you. The ink is a foreign substance on your skin. Your immune system’s macrophage cells will absorb the ink and diffuse it. Although this contributes to tattoo fade, it takes a long time for it to happen.

These are the most common reasons tattoos fade. There are other reasons, such as clothes that rub against tattoos or poor aftercare. Infected tattoos or those that have had allergic reactions will also be more likely to fade. Invest in good sunscreen to prevent premature fading and keep the tattoo well cared for. But, eventually, shrinking will happen. Your immune system is already working to avoid it. There are ways to make the tattoo darker or revive it a bit. Continue reading to find out more!

Can you make a tattoo look darker?

It takes work to keep your tattoo vibrant, bold, and pigmented. You can still get an aggressive, deep tattoo by following these tips and perhaps even trying them!

  • This is a quick and easy way to remove tattoos. However, it’s short-term. We must start with the basics, like exfoliation. It is essential to remove dead skin cells from the skin. This includes tattooed areas. You can use an exfoliating gel to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. The skin will begin to regenerate once the upper layer is removed. This gives your tattoo a vibrant, new appearance, even if it is an older one.
  • Tattoo Touch-up This one will require a professional, so you must return to the tattoo studio. A quick and affordable way to revive an old, faded, or damaged tattoo and darken it a bit. For the best results, we recommend using both touch-up and exfoliation. You may be eligible to receive the tattoo for free if you do your touch-ups with the same tattoo artist who did the original tattoo.
  • Cover-up This is the most powerful way to solve this problem (darkening faded Tattoos), but sometimes it has to be done. Sometimes tattoos lose their color and shine, so they are no longer recognizable. Be bold and book a new appointment with a specialist tattoo artist to cover up your tattoos and find out what else is possible. The tattoo artist will cover the old tattoo with new ink. You will forget that you had a previous tattoo.

Unfortunately, there are only three options available for tattoo darkening. Unfortunately, the tattoo industry has yet to find a magical darkening gel that can make tattoos look brand new with just one application. Because the ink is embedded in the skin’s dermis so profoundly, no one can do anything at a surface level. You can only do much with a good touch-up or cover. No matter what color or shade, it is essential to exfoliate your tattoo regularly.

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The long-term solution for darkening your tattoo

Consider a permanent solution if you feel that the creams or balms you have tried are ineffective or want to avoid the hassle of applying them daily. This is an obvious but effective solution. While it may be more expensive than lotions, consider it a long-term investment. You are responsible for your own body! If your original tattoo artist can still be found within the same city, they will be happy to darken it. They may discount a returning client if they believe the tattoo is fading because of poor work.

What options do you have if you need help locating the original tattooist? Some tattoo artists will only accept ink from one artist. While it is a noble position, it doesn’t do you any favors. Adrenaline Studios believes that power should always go back to those who keep the industry alive, which includes you. The artists in our shops are skilled at covering up mistakes and darkening faded tattoos.

How to make your tattoo darker

Your tattoo will fade over time. This is something you can’t avoid. You want your ink to look its best for as long as possible, so it is natural to take care of it. There are many ways to darken your tattoo. There is no way to stop tattoos from aging naturally. However, there are some things that you can do to keep your tattoo looking as beautiful as when it was first received.

Exfoliating gel

The tattoo exfoliating gel claims to give your tattoo a new look. This gel exfoliates the skin and removes the top layer. This will make your tattoo appear brighter and more vibrant. The top layer of your skin will regenerate over time, so exfoliating gel should only be used twice weekly. The exfoliating gel is a great way to quickly touch up your ink. Give your ink a facelift. You can renew your tattoo’s appearance with a variety of things. We’ll discuss various options, such as tattoo touch-ups and exfoliating gels.

Cover-ups for tattoos

Consider a cover-up tattoo if none of the options sound appealing. It is similar to touch-ups in the sense that the tattoo artist must be contacted to cover up the ink. The difference is that you will go to the artist for a new tattoo design. You won’t be able to tell there was another tattoo. This option is for people who don’t like the tattoo design anymore and want something different.

Tattoo touch-ups

Touch-ups are when you return to your artist or a new tattoo artist to have the tattoo rechecked. This is basically rewriting the tattoo using fresh ink. This is the best way to make your tattoo darker. Touch-ups may be an option for those with highly faded tattoos or those who can’t use tattoo exfoliating gels well. You can get one free of charge from your original artist if you are interested.

Last thoughts

We hope you have learned much about can you make a tattoo look darker, touch-ups, and other topics from this short article. It is easy to darken a tattoo. However, it is essential to remember that tattoos need regular care and touch-ups. A tattoo’s appearance will remain fresh and vibrant for a lifetime. We advise that you always work with an experienced, professional tattoo artist. Your tattoo will look better for longer. This is true for touch-ups as well as cover-ups. Only work with professionals. This is how you can make your investment worthwhile. Now you understand can you make a tattoo look darker or not.

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