Can You be Charged with Shoplifting after Leaving the Store in Canada


Shoplifting can be one of the funniest acts yet ugliest reason one can be in big trouble. A thief never wants to get caught after stealing. But, in shoplifting, the possibility is more than any other act of thieving. Whatever the motive is, or even if it can be a forgivable act, shoplifting in Canada can make you regret it in the long run. Up to six months of imprisonment or a $2000 fine- none of them you would choose between. Would you?

Shoplifting is not as simple as it seems

While it’s a theft, the government of Canada takes the act as a serious crime. The punishment for shoplifting wouldn’t be that ponderous, but no one should try to test it. Taking someone’s property without their consent means violating the owner’s rights. This apparently light issue is a criminal act that lasts as a criminal record. So, it’s far more critical than acts like speeding or trespassing.

If you are charged with a shoplifting, you must seek legal help from criminal defence lawyer. Remember, don’t do anything without legal advice because if you do, it would go against you.

Can you be charged with shoplifting after leaving the store in Canada

In a single word, YES. Most of the time, people get caught after shoplifting in front of the shop. One shouldn’t take this as a tip for shoplifting. Still, a shoplifter has so many factors to work on the head to be confident enough while leaving the shop without paying. Now, what about the charges? What are the variables or factors for the charge against the shoplifter?


Different provinces and store owners have different policies. But, it primarily depends on the police or the store management what to do with the issue. Sometimes the thief is arrested or goes free after paying a fine.

Value of the items

The list of shoplifted goods is long, from simple food packages to electronic goods. The store manager normally doesn’t involve the police if the items’ prices don’t go with the cost of legal dealing. But, it is not necessarily a regular opportunity for the wrongdoer.

CCTV footage and investigation

Returning from the shop without intervention doesn’t indicate the mission was successful. A thief not being caught immediately after the theft doesn’t mean there couldn’t be any actions against them. The authority checks their camera after a regular interval. If it’s luck, the camera won’t disclose the face, or there are no steps against the thief. But they are alert anyway after this.

Some other things about shoplifting

The following issues might make you aware of the situation, like shoplifting.

It stays in your record

This normal but criminal act stays in the record of a shoplifter. It is not a visible issue. But, several consequences may emerge on different occasions, like traveling or applying for a job. Even after a person leaves this bad habit, having a black mark on the profile can make a mess.

Legal rights of the shoplifters

The law always gives criminals the privilege to take legal support and stay silent until they have a lawyer. It is also possible to settle the matter before it reaches court.

What if I return the property I took?

Once a person is charged with stealing, they are still convicted even after getting rid of the property. It’s the normal idea of theft. The shop owner or the law enforcement authority may trail this. The decision depends on their consideration.

It’s not always about the money

Can you imagine shoplifting can be a psychological issue? Often different courts in Canada find no monetary benefit for the thief in shoplifting cases. Also, there are ways to be relieved from its charges. Of course, the liable person has to attend sessions like counseling or involve in charitable donations or a combination of such conventions.

Final Words

The critical thing about shoplifting is one may face issues if their background has a record of shoplifting. What worse could it be than this just because a person once or twice took something wrongfully, no matter the value. And, it’s proven that no one likes a thief.

Everyone should choose the best for them till there’s time. Can you be charged with shoplifting after leaving the store in Canada? What if the police charge shoplifting against you? The only way to get rid of these 2 questions is to refrain from crazy thoughts. 

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