Best Motorbike Rides in Central California – Places You Must Explore


California (CA) offers an extraordinary variety of cruiser street views. The state is honored with more than 1,100 miles of Pacific Coast coastline, endless miles of the dry gully and contorted mountain streets, vast and elevated mountain streets, and probably the most engaging urban communities on the planet. Also, the well-known vacationer states in America, the Golden State, provide unique activities to motorcyclists. We as a whole realize California probably gives a good climate, seashores, and unique perspectives in the state. If you are planning to hit the road, I would advise you to make your journey much more comfortable by installing suitable luggage bags in your motorbike, which must be spacious and durable. Viking bags offer long-lasting and durable luggage bags available at a low price.  In today’s blog, I will discuss the best motorbike rides in central California, which will be very informative for you.

Best motorbike rides in central California

Santa barbara ventura country loop

Every mesmerizing view is observed on this road. Such as the view of the beautiful mountains, fields, and river gorges when you are touring on this road. This is an entire day ride that is extraordinary for the riders in Santa Barbara Ventura County. I would suggest starting Ojai, which leads from 33 North to 166. Afterward, you can move at Cu Yama towards the west. Downwards to 154 crossing by Santa Ynez Valley to Santa Barbara, and then back to the 101 at the south. If you begin from South of Ventura, you might need to throw in the towel from that point and stay on the 101.

However, assuming you’re making a beeline for Ojai, take the 150 throughout Lake Casitas and then back towards Ojai again. Depending on just halting for fuel, the touring on a motorcycle requires around 5 hours. Yet there are a lot of spots where you can ride. 

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Touring on highway 1

Unquestionably, you’ve known about California Highway 1? If you haven’t, keep on reading on the off chance. This long beachfront street is evidently (or ought to be) a list of must-do things for any energetic bikers, hoping to increase their associations with the environment and the S-bends. Likewise, the bikers will be entertained with a jaw-dropping view of Big Sur and Bixby Bridge. 

Also, the Native Moto Adventures felt free to incorporate their unique touch to make a more bona fide Californian journey adventurous and the main diversions in an excellent uncultivated open country. They failed to remember back roads using Buffalo farms and through shocking red stone topographical arrangements. 

Touring on pacific coast highway one

This seaside roadway moves towards the western bank of California. It has been considered the most conspicuous state as well. With the absolute most well-known domains. Pacific Coast Highway shows the country’s great regions. Including Big Sur, Golden Gate, Ventura, and so on. Even though you are investigating a complete PCH or simply a piece of it, this street presents innumerable perspectives on dazzling sea perspectives and a substantial uneven landscape too. 

Besides that, as I explained earlier, if you are looking to start a road journey, make sure that you get all the safety measures and make your trip comfortable. You can also install durable quality saddlebags to increase the space and provide a stylish look to your motorbike.

Touring at sierra heritage highway

Circling through the rock pinnacles of Sierra National Park and staggering snow-capped lakes, this thruway is an ideal end-of-the-week outing to encounter fishing, boating, setting up camp, and climbing. While touring on this highway, you will also come across Huntington Lake. Which are a few critical intersections on the course.

Touring at the redwood highway California

While touring, you can arrive at the Redwood expressways, assuming you move towards the south from US 199 in the city of Crescent. The road transfers from the fabulous “Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Park.” This route offers a genuinely natural involvement in transcending redwood trees and thick woods. It shows the best view of the ocean side, trees, and seas mixed with mesmerizing natural beauty along the street

Feather river bypass 

The highway comprises challenging maneuvers, and the journey truly satisfies anybody. It blocks along the Feather stream gully that represents a portion of the beautiful perspectives on the waterway. The tourists appreciate everything starting from normal. Displays artificial miracles, like cascades, seven gigantic water-powered dams, Sierra Nevada Backdrops, and various staggering rail spans.

Touring at Joshua national park

This interstate cuts through the beautiful and regular magnificence of Joshua Tree National Park. The road trip is perfect for your excursion brimming with expressways and country parkways for the people living in Los Angeles. Ensure your plan for outings in winter since summers can be unforgiving around here. During summers, the temperature may reach 48.8 Celsius around 5 pm. The total ride you need to cover while touring on this highway is 70 miles, and it also requires almost half an hour to circle the thick woods and heavy deserts.

As in summers while traveling on this road, it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated. It would help if you carried a water bottle with you. It should be there in your backpack all the time because dehydration can cause dry eyes, weariness, and surprisingly twofold vision. These random effects could have a few intense outcomes if you’re driving. Drinking a lot of water will prevent you from muscular cramps and soreness. 

California route 74

This highway interfaces the orange region to the riverside district. This roadway provides an astounding view of a few public backwoods, Coachella valley pacific coasts, and also offers a mind-blowing view of pacific coasts. The thrilling turns and excellent climate conditions make this road trip super exciting. 

During your road trip, if you want to make your journey much more comfortable and smooth going, make sure you have a first aid kit, riding gear, toolbox, Bluetooth headset, earplugs, and maps/GPRS with you. 

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