7 Best Dart Games for Large Groups (Games That Pro Players Played)


Darts is generally an easy and fun game. Even for a beginner, there are simple dart games which means that you don’t have to invest all your life trying to master a single game. This is only the case when you play with a small group of players, typically you and a friend. If you decide to play with three, four or even several players. A straightforward game may take a long time to finish, depending on all participants’ rules, and abilities. Therefore, it is essential to play games that can be played by a more significant number of players. They must be simple to play, featuring a straightforward ruleset and scoring system and shouldn’t take too long to complete. So, in the following article, we’ll discuss the top dart games suitable for large-scale groups, revealing the top games to play with many players.

Best dart games for large groups

Below is a listing of dart games that are ideal for large-scale groups. We’ll provide the number of players it is appropriate for, so you can limit your choices and provide a brief description of the rules for every game. So let’s jump in the main section of best dart games for large groups.

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Prisoner darts

Prisoner darts work by moving players around the board, but they’re played clockwise instead of numerically. The number sequence is clockwise from 1 to 20. It’s probably a good idea to play with a considerable amount of people to maintain a log of what each player’s playing at any given time. If this seems easy enough, you should think twice! If you should ever get off track when it comes to darts, opponents will take advantage of the chance to take advantage.

The board’s segment that runs from the double to the treble of every number is what you are looking for. If you wander off from the part between treble and that bull you are trying to get, your dart stays on the board and becomes an inmate.

The dart, also known as a ‘prisoner’, can only be recovered when a player hits the playable area that is the same size as in the case of a prisoner, the bullseye. The dart is later captured and thrown away by those who have thrown the bullseye. It remains there throughout the game…sounds complicated, but it’s like other games. It’s easier to understand than play.

Killer darts

The game begins with each person throwing their dart using the hand they are least fond of at the board. The number they hit is their number for the game. Each player must be assigned a different number to start the game. Every player begins with three lives. The goal is to free them from their existence by using their dart abilities. A player has to make a double throw of their assigned number to accomplish this. For example, Player A is 7. He should throw a double 7 to become a “killer” and take out his opponent.

When they can achieve this feat and are successful, the player throws any doubles in their opponents’ numbers. If they succeed, they lose their lives. The person who does not lose their entire life wins. The game comes with many variations available here and demonstrates how to handicap players with different levels of skill playing the game.

Nine lives darts

This is a simple game, similar to darts with a clock. The players attempt to reach a numerical range between 1-20 by hitting the numbers in turns. To achieve this, they have to hit an eagle in the number they want to switch. If they fail to use any of the three darts, they’ll be unable to live. In the example above, If Player A hits 1 with their first dart but fails to hit 2 by using the remaining two darts, they will not lose a life.

Player 2 is then hit 1, 2, three and four in the correct sequence, and they’re well-positioned to move forward. However, Player C cannot beat 1 on all three darts and loses their life. The process continues until a player is 20 and does not lose all three lives. It ends with the bullseye. Advanced players can simply play doubles or trebles to make the game more challenging. It is possible to extend the game by giving players five lives instead of three. However, this will depend on the level of skill of the players.

High Score Darts

It is a simple game to play for beginners and allows them to improve their skills without learning a lot of rules. All you require is a set amount to aim for playing the game. 1000 is typically used. However, based on the skill level, it could be different. After determining who is the first to throw by throwing the closest to the bull, each player then throws three darts, and their cumulative score is added to the goal. For example, if the target of 1000 is reached and player A scores 70 using three darts, they need 970 to reach the goal.

There aren’t any complicated rules or techniques to play high score darts; however, throwing doubles and trebles can help get to their target faster. The first person who reaches the desired number will be the one to win. It’s easy! It’s unnecessary to find the exact amount to be a winner, and even if you go over it, the game still counts. This is an excellent method to improve your darts by grouping darts with large numbers to score more and being consistent in your score.

All five darts

The players decide who should throw first by throwing closest towards the bull. After that, add all names of the players onto a scoreboard to keep track of your score. The game requires the basic understanding of math and counting as scoring is accomplished by adding the scores of darts that you hit the board and then dividing it by 5 – thus the name! If the score isn’t divisible by 5, you get 0. However, if your score is 45, you get 9 (45 times 5).

The goal is to score exactly 51 points when you add your five totals for each round. So if you’re at 48 points, you’ll need to score precisely 3 to win. You need to achieve 15 on every dart, as fifteen divided by three will give you the exact amount. Be aware that all three darts need to be scored in the final throw, or your score will not be counted.

If you are looking for numbers that can be divided by 5, like 20, 15, 10 5, you may be at a safe place on the counting side; however, it restricts you to a couple of numbers. Make mental notes of scores that could be divided by 5, including doubles, trebles bull, and the outside bull, to give you additional options.

Knockout darts

The player throws darts to get a higher score than the previous thrower to not lose a life. Each next player has to do similarly. Each player has three lives and will take each turn throwing three darts, trying to throw as many darts as possible. For example, player A throws single 20 darts, player B throws one 5, and double 18 to get 61. Player B has to surpass that score, or else the player loses his life, usually indicated by an”X” when he is on the sheet. If player B has a higher score than A, for instance, if he scores 95, the next player has to be able to throw higher, or they’ll lose a life.

So, If Player C’s score is 55, he has lost a life. It is up to Player A to determine whether he can surpass the 55 scores. The winner is selected by the number of players remaining with life.

Count up darts

The game can be enjoyed by having rounds or an objective of points. The aim is to get as high a score as possible by throwing 3 darts each round. A game typically has eight matches, with 24 scoring darts for each player. The player with the best scores after allotted rounds wins, or if playing with a goal, the first player to hit the target is the winner, regardless of the number of games required.

Although the idea is easy, it’s essential to think about how you can use your talents by trying to consistently hit high numbers either through using doubles or triples, the bullseye or by putting more significant numbers next to one another on the dartboard. The goal for the sport is to increase scoring and increase the chances of winning shortly. It is easy to understand since it doesn’t have complex rules or require math.


If you’re looking for other dart-related games, you may be interested in our guide to simple dart games for beginners. They provide more choices to groups, as well as for teams. We hope now you learn about the best dart games for large groups.

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