Best Dart Game for Beginners – Totally an Exclusive Guide for Novice


Darts is a pretty simple game. The two most popular games played worldwide are darts 501 (the most popular sport played by professionals) and cricket darts (mainly played in North America). Both do not have any rules that are complicated or scoring systems. If you’re beginning to play darts, especially as a beginner, it is essential to have several easy and enjoyable games. Within this piece, we’ll discuss the best dart game for beginners and the top ways to start.

Best dart game for beginners

Below is our top 10 list of the best darts games for novice players. This list was compiled with a couple of requirements for beginners. It includes simple rules that are easy to follow and an easy scoring system. No punishment for darts missed, and, most importantly, they should be enjoyable to play! Read those best dart game for beginners.

Baseball darts

The game is an adaptation of that the U.S baseball game Baseball. However, in a subtle manner as, like its American counterpart. It is played over nine innings or rounds, and players aim to score as many points in each innings as they can. To score, the player must strike the numbers that are associated with the innings or round; for instance, player 1 will try to hit one in the first innings and will score one strike or run to score a single hit, 2 for an additional double or triple, and three for a treble. Therefore, the highest score they could attain is 9 (3 triples that earn 3 points) during each round or innings.

The players play every round between 1 and 9, aiming for 1 in rounds 1, 2, and round 3. The cycle continues until they have completed the nine games and take their scores. While you may play as a solo player but it’s an activity for a group. So it’s essential to sketch a grid on paper or a scoring device to keep an accurate score for every round. Another variation to the game is the “7th innings stretch’. It is an additional rule in which anyone who does not contribute any points in the round will see their score cut in half. Putting pressure on your team to get a better score. Click here to learn about how to play baseball darts.

Knockout darts

This is as straightforward as it gets when describing the game. Make a better score using three darts than the player ahead of you. You will not receive the X (strike) in front of your name if you cannot score higher than the person who preceded you. If you score less than the player before you, you’ll get an X. Each thrower after you has to at times beat the score of the previous throwers to stay clear of an X until all players have finished the round. Then, player 1 begins the round again.

If you score 3 crosses in front of your name, you’re out, and the winner is left without three crosses. While the idea is simple to grasp. The game could be somewhat unfair when it is played by players with different standards. In the sense that when player B is the top player who regularly scores high scores. While players C is the weakest, you can expect him to be unable to surpass the previous score.

So it could be a good idea to alternate the participants each round to make the game less precise and not forget that. Even if it appears as if you’re not able to beat your earlier score. It’s vital to aim for the best score to make it more complicated when the next player throws.

Shanghai darts

There are a lot of variations to this game. So I’ll focus on the more simple variations for beginners to darts. The initial round is comprised of seven games. Each player throws three darts at the numbers 1-7 in numerical order, accumulating their scores as they progress. For a group of players, it is required to record the score with each player’s name. The player is then required to throw three darts at number one, 3, and 3 darts at the number 2… After 7 rounds, the player with the most score is the winner.

For example, In round 1, Player 1 throws 3 darts at the number 1 and scores two singles and a triple 1, which earns five points (1 1, 1 and 3). However, the score gets multiplied by the total number for each round in each round. So in round 2, those 3 darts will score 10 (2 2 6), and in round 3, the score would be 15 (3 3, 3 9), and the list goes on.

The greater the number on the round, the better the score is possible. Another option to win the game without being the player with the highest score is to hit Shanghai at any given number. Shanghai comprises one, two, and treble on that number hit by a player using their three darts. Thereby automatically taking the game to an end.

Killer darts

If you’re interested in knowing which of your friends you have, you should be the perfect game to test your knowledge. It’s a game that is suitable for larger groups. This is an elimination game where you attempt to beat others by gaining the status of a killer and then removing players completely from playing.

It’s quick-paced and easy to score. However, it requires a scoring chart that keeps track of where every player is at any given time during the game. To play the game, gamers play playing with three lives. Each person throws the dart using their left hand. The number they get will be the assigned number. The players then have to throw the second half of the number they’ve been given to be considered a killer once the ball has been thrown.

In the role of the murderer, you will throw out other players’ numbers and take their lives. The hardest part for novices is hitting the double at first. But once you’ve hit it, you will begin to remove any other players in the game.

301 darts

If you’re an avid darts player, you’ve probably seen your favorite players play 501 on television. The game is different little but is played identically. It’s played by cutting your score down from 301 to zero and ending on the double. The only thing that the game differs is that in this particular case, the score starts at the number 301 and not 501. There’s also a variation where you must throw double (or double in, as it’s referred to) before you can count the score.

For beginners, it could be not easy. But if you are playing, someone with the same level should offer you a chance even if you don’t double in immediately. Because 301 isn’t a large number. This game allows beginners to advance without playing lengthy games of 501 since they cannot score well. The focus is on hitting large numbers in the game, mainly Treble 20, Treble 19 and so on, to increase your score without the stress of hitting these numbers to play a more accessible tournament.

Count up darts

The game can be played with an hour limit or a set number of points, regardless of the required rounds. Playing with four players is most likely the best method to ensure that the players do not need to wait for long between throws. However, larger groups may also play, but it could be more time-consuming and result in players losing their focus. The game of Count Up darts is pretty straightforward and is an excellent method to test you and your opponents to create consistently high scores. It is played for the course of 24 darts (8 rounds).

Every player throws 3 darts each round and tries to score the highest score they can. If you’re playing with an hour limit, those who achieve the highest during each competition will win this round. However, when you’re playing with a predetermined number of rounds. You can add up your scores every game until you have reached your total(you do not need to hit the exact amount to meet or exceed it).

Around the clock darts

This is a simple introduction to darts for novices. It has almost no rules and no complicated scoring procedure, and it is straightforward to understand. You enjoyed it alone or with a group of teammates or friends. It is more like an event than a scoring game. Since it requires players to move around the board in numerical order and the bull being struck to an end. For example, player 1 begins by throwing darts at number 1 using their darts. If they succeed, they proceed to number 2, and finally 3, and so on. Make sure to remember any portion of the number you are aiming for. Including doubles and trebles, will count if the dart is hit.

If the player does not reach the required number with their three darts. They continue throwing their darts on the next turn until they hit the correct number before moving to the following number. After all, numbers have been struck between 1-20; they have to hit the bull to complete. The first person to complete this feat with the smallest number of darts wins. This game is adapted with the help of doubles and trebles to advance faster (for instance, treble 1 could bring a player up to 4). However, it can be a great way for beginners to get familiar with throwing darts at a specific target and becoming familiar with the darts board and its arrangement.

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