About US

About Us

Craze buzz is a multitopic blogging website are doing a lot of hard work to give the authentic information to those people are searching for knowledge. You can say that providing original information is our vision. In our website you will find all the informative information that you are looking for. We hope by reading our articles you will be able to find actually what are you looking. We always working on user friendly article and niche.  We have a big research team which are working day and night only for your satisfaction. Let’s introduce with them.

Meet The team

Jerome V. Adger-Founder & Content manager

Jerome V. Adger craze buzz writer

Jerome is the founder of craze buzz. He has done Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from CODE University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He manages the content and the whole tam of craze buzz. Also he play the content manager role.

Elvis Cervantes-Chief Editor & Publisher

Elvis Cervantes craze buzz author

Meet Elvis Cervantes chief editor and publisher of craze buzz. He was leading the editorial department from the front. He also research on content. He was covering the pet, baby and kids topic. Fully researched and unique articles are contributions of him. 

Coy M. Chester-Content Editor

Coy M. Chester Content Editor crazebuzz

Chester is a blogger, write and playing the content editor role for craze buzz. In his early life he was working as a content writer. He loves to do outdoor adventures and playing different kind of sports.

Santina Richardson-Content Manager & Content Researcher

Santina was research content for craze buzz. She was really a hardworking and dedicated person. Her hobby is to get fit herself and also people. She has lots of experience with fitness because she work as a instructor in a gym. She was covering the fitness topic and give advice about fitness.

Payne Geri-Content Writer & Content Researcher

Payne Geri Content Writer & Content Researcher craze buzz

Payne was an expert content writer. She writes content for craze buzz and also do research with Santina. Actually, she was maintaining the research part and instruct the other member. She has done her graduation in fashion designing and her aim is to be a fashion designer. Luckily, she advice all the fashion information for craze buzz. 

Martinez Brenda-Content Writer & Content Publisher

Martinez Brenda Content writer & Content Publisher craze buzz

Martinez was a formal blogger and entrepreneur. For some years she has worked as a writer for an organization. Now she only works for craze buzz. Her contribution here is a lot. She was covering home, kitchen gardening topic and also research informative topic in various niche.

If you are a writer and if you like to explore multiple topics than you r welcome in craze buzz. We r looking for such a talent. You can write for us in multiple topic. Click here to read our write for us guideline.