9 Easy Dart Games that Beginners Must try to Play


When you first begin playing dart games, there’s little or no precision in throwing the dart at the board. If you watch professional players hitting the treble 20s effortlessly and you think that you’ll be able to achieve the same feat. But when it comes down to throwing the dart, it’s difficult to attain any kind of precision. As an aspiring player, it’s helpful to have a few dart games you can play in a group or with the help of a friend(s). When you’re focused on throwing accurately and precision, you shouldn’t be too focused on the specific and confusing rules. Each dart game has scoring rules or systems, but some are certainly more complex than others. We’ll demonstrate some of the most simple dart games you can participate in so that you can play a darts game regardless of your skill level.

9 Easy Dart Games

Below is a guideline that shows how to play the most basic dart-related games. These games are not only easy to comprehend and simple to play and learn; however, they’re also among the most fun and well-known games to play.

Tic Tac Toe Darts

This dart games are based upon the classic tic toe game, also known as noughts or crosses, as it is more well-known. The two players have the grid laid out and a third grid for sharing between them. The playing grid comprises the numbers 12, 20 and 18 in the upper line, 11, bullseye and six in the middle and 7, 2, and 3 on the lower line, giving the player a 9-square grid. To play, the players – once they have decided the winner and who will be the first to go – will try to find specific numbers on the grid to complete the square.

For instance, if player 1 hits 20 times in his first attempt. It will make the 20 square since there are only 3 hits on a certain number to complete the square, and therefore they could place an x on the court and prevent their opponent from using the yard. But, player 2 could be extremely clever to stop the opponent from closing any square adjacent to them by aiming at instance no 12 and then hitting it three times, creating a zero to end the line. This game can be won by obtaining three Xs or 0s in a straight line, either up down or diagonally, and is clearly dependent on skill, strategy, or luck.

Killer Darts

The first part of the game is to determine the number of each killer. This is accomplished by throwing a dart towards the board using their most minor dominant hand. If you’re left-handed, you can throw with your left hand, and if you’re right-handed. Players throw one dart on the board. The number they land on will be their number to kill. Should a player hit the same number, they must throw a second dart to hit a different number since players cannot be the exact number. After players have their assigned numbers, they must attempt to be the killer.

The player tries to double their number, for example, double 10 if it is 10. When it is done, the player becomes the killer and can attempt to take out their opponents. To kill any other player to take their life, they have to throw double the amount associated with that person. If a criminal knows that a person is number 7, they try to throw seven times seven. The game will be over with only one person has lost their life. It could take a while, dependent on the level of skill of the players. It can also result in intense rivalries between players. Many different game theories can be played with killer darts. So read the instructions within”killer darts” above the “killer darts” title above.

High low darts

The players can flip the coin to determine who will be the first to go. Player 1 will throw 2 darts toward the board using less strength. The score of the total is the score at which they started. If players throw two darts and land on the single 20 and a single. The score starting point would be forty. Player 2 must throw and score 40. If the player does not beat the score, they will lose their life. The player 2 throws and scores 60. This is the score that the next player has to win.

A player throws and is awarded 25. Since they failed to beat the previous score of 60, they are now liable to lose one life. 25 isn’t the number that the next player has to win. Each player gets three lives, and the game continues until just one player has lived.

Shanghai darts

Shanghai Darts can be played with several players who throw three darts between the numbers 1-20. On the dartboard to get the best score after 20 rounds. It will boost their totals when you hit doubles or Trebles of those numbers. Especially when you get to the higher figures on the screen. Therefore hitting two 20s with trebles and an additional double 20 in the same round will earn you 160 points.

Every number is played, beginning with 1 and progressing until the number 20, which means there are many points to choose from. Players throw darts closest to the bull to determine who will be first during a team game. The nearest is the first to go, and the second most immediate is the second.

It’s crucial to keep score to track how each player is doing. The winner will be who has the highest score after 20 rounds. However, should anyone achieve Shanghai with any number comprising one, two, and triple of that number? That player is the winner, regardless of the total running of the other players. This game is simple to play and can improve your skills and accuracy If that’s the goal you’re looking to achieve.

Count up darts

The idea behind this game could not be more straightforward, simply try to get the highest score using three darts. Solo players can decide on a goal number to check how they’re moving. Generally, games can have 24-darts or 8 sets of three throws; however, if you’re playing with a group of players, it could be determined by points or rounds.

The round limit is an old method of playing. Each player throws 3 darts, and the highest score of one player is the winner of the round. The amount of players involved, 8 rounds is typically the most common number. The player who has the most rounds wins the round. The game of points is a different method to play. The points total is determined, such as 1000 points. Players throw 3 darts each to add up the scores until the player can reach the goal. Naturally, aiming at trebles and doubles will increase the chance of scoring high and success in games. It’s a simple game and gives you ample opportunities to improve your skill level.

Around the clock darts

Around the clock, or Around the board, as it’s also known, is a simple game to play. It gives the beginner darts player the chance to improve their aiming abilities and become familiar with the number on the board. You can play closest to the bull for the first time and then decide who is who in which order. The first player will throw three darts at the start with the number 1. Because it’s the number that starts the sequence. If it is successful, it will be followed by the number 2 and eventually go through the number sequence until 20.

If they do not hit the number they want to hit and fail. They stay at that number until their next turn and then try again. For instance, if they make a single dart in their first dart, they will then go to number 2. If any of their other 2 darts do not successfully hit number 2, they wait until the next attempt to throw again.

The winner is the only person to reach the number 20. There are many variations of the game that use doubles and trebles to send you flying around the board before ending by hitting a bullseye. However, it is generally reserved for advanced players. You only manage to move on to the next level with a double, treble or even a triple in the appropriate number, and then use the bullseye to complete.

These variations could be played in a game to disadvantage players who are better than their peers. While the game is simple for darts players with regular experience that can complete the game with 7 darts and the bull, it’s a fantastic option for players who are just beginning their journey.

501 darts

The game of 501 Darts is a straightforward game to play, even for a novice it may appear like. The game counts back, which means that you start with the number 501 and decrease it every time you score a dart. Every player has alternate attempts to throw three darts, and the score of all 3 darts is deducted from the running total. For instance, if a player Throws a single dart and a single 20 and a double 5. a combined score of 47 subtracting 501 gives him an overall running score of 454.

The player next to him begins to play dart games. To win a game with 501, you must reach zero precisely by checking out, which means you must throw an exact double (which is the number on the outermost dartboard, right next to every number). It can be a challenge for the casual player since it’s a tiny area to strike compared to professionals who hit it with incredible regularity.

For example, If you need 20 points to finish, you must throw 10 times 10 to reach 0. However, when you get more points than required, you’ll break, which means you scored nothing, and you will have to review your score with your next throw. The more you play and the longer you play and improve your skills, you’ll become more efficient in achieving better scores and finishing more efficiently.

Gotcha darts

The game is pretty simple to learn and can be played with smaller or larger groups. It requires setting a goal amount to be aiming for, In this case, the number 301. To win, players must be able to reach the number precisely by scoring each dart. Darts are usually played on countback, meaning that your score is subtracted from 301. Here you start at the 0th number and take your score. If you score single 20, double 20, then single 5, you’ll score 65. It’s an ongoing race against your rivals to make it to the score you want first.

What makes darts with gotcha more enjoyable is the possibility of killing the opponent (obviously but not in the literal sense) but by achieving their score. If player 1 has a cumulative score of 95 points from the previous 6 darts and you’re on 40, if you can achieve the score of 95 using your three darts, then the score is reset to zero, meaning that their score is zero and yours is 135(40 + 95) which means you are closer to the desired score.

You have to hit your goal precisely to be successful. If you exceed it by a single point, you’ll lose and return to your original score. It all depends on the participants’ ability as to the score they set for themselves in that the better players will score more often, whereas novices are likely to develop a lower goal to strive for. The strategies can change throughout the game based on how skilled gamers are.

High Score Darts

Before you begin high score darts, This is the goal that players have to achieve to win the game. The most common target novices choose 250 or 500, 500, 750 or 1000. When your number of choices is set, each player will throw a dart to the bullseye to decide who gets to go first. All names of players are recorded on the scoreboard.

Every player will throw three darts each turn. The score of each dart is added up to create a total score for the round. In the example above, when a player throws 20 singles, singles 20 and a single 1, their round score will be 41. This can be added to the scoreboard. Every round, players can add their score to their total running score. For instance, when a person scores 60 points in the next throwing, they’ll add that to their previous score of 41, giving an overall score of 101. The game will continue until a player gets to the number they want and then is named the winner.

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