14 Different Types of High Heels [Beginners Guide]


As a heel connoisseur, you must be aware of the many different styles of heels available. Yes, different heels come with a vast range of styling options. This article will assist you in selecting some of the most fantastic and oh-so-perfect heels.

So, without further ado, scroll down and discover them all. It’s time to switch up your heels daily and take the spotlight everywhere you go!

Beginner’s guide to heel types

We’ll go over the different heels and how to wear them in the sections below. Even if you want to buy women’s heels online, this guide will help you.

Following are the variety of heel types that you could typically find:

Peep toes

Peep-toe heels are one of the most attractive types of heels. The heels are available in various lengths, but this appears more enticing if the heel is higher. They have a front opening that makes the toes peep out, hence the name.


Wedges are heels for ladies who don’t want to walk in six-inch stilettos because they’re uncomfortable. They’re also for girls who want to wear heels but can’t walk in them. Unlike other heels, they are high but spread the weight evenly throughout, balancing everything out and making walking comfortable.


Cone heels are true to their name since they taper towards the bottom from the slightly wider top, just like a cone. They are available in a variety of lengths and styles.


A must-have for any girl’s wardrobe. You can call them the mother of heels. These were normally 4 to 6 inches tall, closed in the front, and available in various styles. Walking in these can appear impossible at first, but there’s no turning back once you do.

Platform heels

Many people confuse platform heels with wedges. However, they are broader and chunky in the front, making them more comfortable to walk in than ordinary pointed shoes.


Cutout heels have become increasingly popular, and if you can pull them off, they may be stylish. They come in various sizes and forms, but they all have one thing in common: each is cutout. This makes them sleeker and sexier.

Sling back

Don’t you like pumps or stilettos that don’t sit properly on the backs of your feet? Slingbacks are the perfect solution. They have straps that tighten them together and enhance the appearance of the shoes and feet.

Kitten heels

Audrey Hepburn is forever associated with kitten heels. Kitten heels can be just the thing if you despise the idea of wearing anything uncomfortably high. They’re not ultra-thin or ultra-high, but they’re just enough to dress up your attire.


Pumps are similar to stilettos, although they aren’t as high. Compared to stilettos, they normally have a 3 or 4-inch heel top with fronts sitting lower on the floor.

Chunky heels

If you are a heel connoisseur who has tried many types of heels, this may interest you. These heels are generally thick and provide a firm foundation for walking.


Oxfords are similar to high heels, except they are closed and appear to be formal shoes. These were fairly popular in earlier years and gave your clothing a Victorian feel.

Comma heels

We may not be able to find these everywhere, and, oddly, heels like this exist, but they’re a popular choice on red carpets and the runway. The heels are fashioned like commas and aren’t relatively as high as conventional heels.


Spool heels are a godsend for anyone newly into heels and trying to figure out how to walk gracefully. They’re wide in the front and back and thin in the middle, making it easy to strike a balance.

Espadrille Heels

Espadrille shoes have been popular for a long time, possibly the most comfortable ones. On the other hand, the heels are new to the range but have taken off. Natural fibres make up the base, while cloth, leather, and other materials make up the upper portion.


When it comes to heels, we get spoiled for choice because there are so many various styles on the market, each with its appeal. The alternatives appear unlimited, from wedge heels to peep toes, stilettos, cone heels, etc. They can enhance any look; all you have to do is try them on and purchase the heels that make you feel both comfortable and stylish. After all, why not? Cloth, leather, and so on.

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